Oakblade palette knives

Posted by Ray Hyder on

Painters knives made entirely from one piece of metal in a small artisan workshop by Ray Oak Hyder.

For the majority of years in my life I have worked with metal.


My father being a self taught jeweler started me out young crafting projects. For fun as my skills progressed I would see if by looking at every day metal objects I could correctly imagine the steps needed to create them.

 One of those objects was the traditional palette knife , a feat of metal smiths from historical times. Going from a thick narrow shank to wide and very thin blade was not easy before modern welding. Even now welding thick to thin makes it prone to breaking unless done by the best welder.

Oakblade achieve an incredibly strong neck to blade juncture thanks to


what I discovered two odd years ago! That was how to make a palette knife without and extreme variations in thickness , not requiring any welds. It was a very exciting development that kept fueling me with inspiration to refine the tool platform to truly serve real painters.

Over 100 painters have lent their opinions and preferences to this day to help me offer options few and far between to the avid painter.

I am working on some new additions to the line by request to further serve the art community, stay tuned.

A great deal of satisfaction to make only the best possible tools for a such passionate group of artists!

Ray Oak Hyder. oakblade.com