About: Oakblade Palette Knife

Oakblade Palette Knife, a painters tool unlike any other!

Invented in 2016 by engraving artist Ray Oak Hyder the line has been carefully refined with extensive input from the painting community and ongoing research and development.

The Oakblade Palette Knives listed here have accompanying reference photos and measurements for each individual inventory item shown on the product pages.

Available in up to three levels of flexibility. Measured by grams of pressure applied when the blade is pressed down on a digital scale. Flexibility for each blade is measured and listed in two levels: First is with only enough gentle pressure to bend the blade slightly- the lightest touch possible. Second is bending the blade to its maximum point.

Look for the Average Contact Pressure range listed with each Oakblade Palette Knife to help determine the right level for you. Test existing palette knives at home on any digital scale for reference.

EXTRA flexibility

Average Contact Pressure range: 250 - 550+ grams.

SUPER flexibility

Average Contact Pressure range: 100 - 300 grams.

ULTRA flexibility

Average Contact Pressure range: 25 - 190 grams.


Diamond series (DMD),

 Flame series (FL),

Rain Drop series (RD),

Detail series (DTL), 

Straight series (STR),.

Classic Series (CL),