About Oakblade

Oakblade is a tube handled painters palette knife platform made in Canada that provides a broad range of options! Invented in 2016 by Engraving artist Ray Oak Hyder and carefully refined with hundreds of painters lending input with suggestions on blade shapes and flexibility .    

Diamond series (DMD),

 Flame series (FL),

Rain Drop series (RD),

Detail series (DTL), or Straight series (STR),.

Classic Series (CL),


Most of the shapes are available in up to five levels of flexibility! 

Low flex - A firm, stiff as possible blade for heavy paints and wax paint mixes.

Lower flex - In between Low flex and Regular flex

Regular flex - Firmer but flexible, the most popular level. Good for accurate line placement and general moving of paint.

Extra flex - For those who want a truly flexible palette knife, but one still has enough spring back and power to work thick paints and mediums.

Supreme flex - The most flexible palette knife possible in stainless steel! Carefully hand rolled blade is tapered in thickness. Often reported to be far more flexible than expected.

Titanium Ultra flex - Only available in CP2 titanium models Ultra flex is probably the most flexible palette knife the world has ever seen!

Each Oakblade is forged from a single piece of metal in a small workshop located at Vancouver B.C. Canada