About Oakblade palette knife

Oakblade palette knife is a tube handled painters tool platform made from Stainless steel and Titanium in Canada that is unlike any other! Invented in 2016 by Engraving artist Ray Oak Hyder and carefully refined with hundreds of painters lending input on what makes a desirable palette knife.

 Each handmade knife in inventory will have its exact measurements listed which will vary by a small degree from the shapes namesake.   

All shapes are available in up to three levels of flexibility that is measured via grams of pressure applied using a standard kitchen scale, from the lightest touch to the heaviest when blade fully flexed.

Look for the 'Average Working Pressure:' range listed with each Oakblade to help determine the right level - test your existing palette knives at home on a scale for reference.

Extra flex - For those who want a truly flexible palette knife, but one still has some spring back and power to work thick paints and mediums. Average Working Pressure range: 150 - 450+ grams.

SUPER flex - Incredibly flexible is what SUPER stands for! Average Working Pressure range: 45 - 180 grams.

Ultra flex -  Ultra flex, probably the most flexible palette knife the world has ever seen! Average Working Pressure range: 25 - 120 grams.


Each Oakblade is forged from a single piece of titanium in a small workshop located in Vancouver B.C. Canada


Diamond series (DMD),

 Flame series (FL),

Rain Drop series (RD),

Detail series (DTL), 

Straight series (STR),.

Classic Series (CL),